Last date for 1st quarter schedule changes will be August 29th.

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Support for Students

SMS Counseling Brochure

Academic Resources

the clarkston help

A free tutoring program created by students, for students. It provides students an extra opportunity for individualized, one-on-one support. The program is run once a week and is open to all 6th and 7th grade students at Sashabaw Middle School.

When: Sundays from 1:00pm - 2:30pm All School Year

Where: Sashabaw Middle School (6th Grade Cafeteria)

Click Here to Sign Up

Clarkston Community Schools Staff who tutor

For a complete listing including contact information, subject area and grade level click below.


Study Hall is an optional, fee-based program that affords students the opportunity to socialize, complete homework, or participate in clubs, sports, and other activities.

Available from after school until 5:30pm full school days

$4.00/hour (pay every Monday when picking up your child in cash or check payable to SMS)

For more information or to sign up contact

Required Information for Sign Up; parent/guardian name(s), contact phone number(s), student name and grade, regularly scheduled days and/or drop-in days.

Dealing with Bullying


Common Ground

Common Ground has recently started an Online Crisis Chat Line; for teens and/or anyone who may be looking for emotional support. Such topics include, but are not limited to anxiety, depression, a break-up, bullying or suicide.

Other Resources

  • Common Ground's Resource and Crisis Hotline: 24/7 (Please call 800-231-1127)
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 24/7--please call 800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Crisis Text Line: 24/7: Users should text "Hello" to 741741

For more information please visit or call our crisis/referral line at 1-800-231-1127

Kids empowered

Kids Empowered offer programs and training to empower children, parents and professionals to deal with bullying, relational aggression, mean-spirited behavior and to build confidence, self-esteem, fitness and social skills.

Digital Citizenship

Elementary/middle school Digital Footprint Presentation

Included in the link are rules for smart phones, cell phone etiquette, texting, cyberbullying, social media rules, parental controls, questions for family discussion, and managing technology as a family.


  • Be polite to others online just as you would offline. If someone treats you rudely, don't respond. Online bullies are just like offline ones - they WANT you to answer. Don't give them the satisfaction.
Never send a message to others when you are angry. Wait until you've had time to calm down and think. Once you've sent a message, it is nearly impossible to undo the damage.
      • Never open a message from someone you don't know.
      • Turn off, disconnect, unplug. Give yourself a break. you don't have to be available 24/7.
      • Don't reply to messages from cyberbullies - even though you may really want to. Cyberbullies want to know that they're messing with your mind. Tell your parents or another trusted adult! This is very important!!
      • Do not erase or delete messages from cyberbullies. You don't have to read it, but keep it. It's your evidence. The plice and your ISP, and/or your telephone company can use these messages to help you.

      Remember the "Power of the X": If someone is being mean to you online ... don't respond. Simply X out!!

      Never give out or share personal information, including your name, the names of friends or family, your address, phone number and school name. Personal info also includes pictures of yourself and your email address. Never tell anyone your passwords.

      Source - Kaye Randall, MSW, LISW-CP "Mean Girlz: Empowering Targets" 6-12 Webinar

      6th Grade Course Information

      Scheduling information for 2019-2020 6th Grade

      Parent Night Counseling Presentation


      6th grade general class information





      7th Grade Course Information

      Scheduling information for 2019-2020 7th Grade

      2019-2020 Schedule Card




      Advanced/Accelerated Classes


      If you have questions regarding the Advanced and/or Accelerated class placement please download the Frequently Asked Questions. The entire process of selection is described, as well as the differences in curriculum.

      Schedule Changes

      Schedule Changes

      In order to change a class parents/guardians and/or students must fill out a Schedule Change Request Form and get a parent/guardian signature. Schedule Change Request Forms are located in the Counseling Office or you can click below.

      Schedule Change Request Form

      Counseling Resources

      Psychology Today

      This page includes a picture, profile and list of specialties. You can also choose a specialty such as ADHD, Anxiety, Peer Relationships... on the left hand side of the page and only see therapists who deal with that issue in Clarkston and surrounding areas. You can also search by insurance accepted.

      A list of community resources based on needs. If you are looking for Counseling specifically look under Mental Health. You can also call (800) 341-2003.

      Michigan Mental Health Networker

      List of Counselors and Therapists by County and specialty (ex: Child & Adolescent Services, Self-Help & Support Groups, etc...).

      Oakland County Family/Parenting Programs

      Family/Parenting Programs Available Throughout Oakland County For January 2019 and Beyond (A list compiled by Oakland County Youth Assistance.)

      Common Ground

      Common Ground's mission is to provide a lifeline for individuals and families in crisis, victims of crime, persons with mental illness, people trying to cope with critical situations and runaway and homeless youths. The majority of services are free of charge and 91 percent of every dollar received goes to direct service. Experiencing a personal or family crisis or know someone who is? We can help. Call our 24-hour Crisis and Resource Hotline at 1.800.231.1127 for free and confidential counseling, information and referrals.


      A non-profit organization that offers education, support, wellness, art, and music therapy programs free of charge to anyone touched by cancer - whether diagnosed personally or the family, caregiver or friend supporting a loved one. There are several children and teen programs offered including: Kids support groups (age 5-12), Kids grief support group (age 5-12 who have lost someone to cancer), Teen support group (age 13-17), Teen grief support group (age 13-17 who have lost someone to cancer) There are also workshops and special events that give opportunities to meet other families coping with a cancer diagnosis in a fun and light hearted environment such as: Saturday Family Fun Days, Kids/Teen Yoga, Kids Dance Class, Writing and music workshops, Summer Camp Sparkle, and Holiday Parties.

      Summer Review/Enrichment





      Mrs. Jamie Graves BS, MA, CTP-E

      Counselor (Last Names A-GH)
      P: 248.623.4214


      Mrs. Amy Wade-Tiffner MA, LLPC, CTP-E

      Counselor (Last Names GI-PAR)
      P: 248.623.4215


      Mr. Warren Meehan BA, M.Ed., LLPC

      Counselor (Last Names PAS-Z)


      Mrs. Dana Houston-Jones,

      Social Worker
      P: 248.623.4289



      Student Appointment Request is monitored and available 7am-3pm on school days.

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